Timber Decking - Merbau, Pine, Jarrah, Spotted Gum or Composite.

Choose your decking material and we will make sure you get the best deck in Melbourne.

People will be impressed at your new verandah or pergola and they will notice the timber decking we guarantee it, in fact we want them too because this will be a feature of your new addition. We are known in Melbourne for our impressive woodern decking designs, both the timber we use, including Merbau, Composite, Pine, Jarrah, Spotted Gum the workmanship and the finishes we apply to your timber deck. 

As the lifespan of a timber decking is determined by the type of timber used, the maintenance provided and the degree of exposure to which it is subjected, we insist all outdoor decking should have an oil or stain finish regardless of whether it is merbau, pine, Jarrah or Spotted Gum timber or the level of exposure to the weather.
Mr Verandah offers you more information and guidelines to assist you in making the best choice of timber, decking styles and decking materials including Timber and Decking, Woodwork finishes, Decking Handrails, Decking Stairs, Roofing Materials and Permits and Planning.

With over 30 years experience you can't go past the best timber decking in Melbourne.


The original and still the best in our opinion.

  • Long lasting needing very little maintenance and upkeep
  • A very stable and consistent performer
  • Attractive hardwood and still affordable

2. COMPOSITE DECKING is now a serious player within the Decking product market. Quality Composite can look like real timber and provide years of maintenance free use.

Negatives - 20% more expensive than using Merbau, can scratch or look fake and holds the heat on a sunny day.

3. CUMARU HARDWOOD – a new imported product from Peru.
A very dense tight grain to this very attractive and extremely durable natural timber product. FSC Certified, looks great, long lasting, attractive colour variation.

Negatives – Predrilling is necessary
10% more expensive than using Merbau
Has not been around long enough to enable us to provide a true appraisal of its performance.


  • Australian hardwood
  • Very dense and tight grain, easily available

Negatives - 10% more expensive than using Merbau.
Prone to twisting and excessive movement
Fine cracking is common and unavoidable. This product is problematic and therefore a guarantee on its performance cannot be provided.

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