Timber and Decking

Mr Verandah offers the following information and guidelines to assist you in making the best choice of timber and roofing materials

Selection of timber size

Mr Verandah will determine the size of the timbers required. The maximum structural performance is calculated with strict reference to the Victorian Timber Framing manual and Engineer Design Principles published by the Timber Promotion Council.

Selection of Timber

The lifespan of a timber structure is determined by the type of timber used, the maintenance provided and the degree of exposure to which it is subjected. All outdoor structures should have a paint or stain finish regardless of the timber used or the level of exposure to the weather.

Suggested Timbers
Posts concreted into ground
H4 Treated Pine, Cypress, Bloodwood
Posts supported by galvanized metal brackets
H3 Treated Pine, Cypress, Oregon
Exposed Roof Structure
H3 Treated Pine
Protected Roof Structure
H3 Treated Pine, Oregon, Pine

Availability of Timbers
Highly durable
CCA Treated Pine *

Ironbark / Bloodwood





Victorian Ash

Australian Hardwoods

Moderately durable
Oregon **

Protected Roof Structure

* CCA preservative treated 'Aus-Pine'

Is a plantation grown timber specifically produced for structural applications that is kiln dried after treatment for increased stability. It has proven to be more durable than Australian hardwoods and popular imported timbers and has been used continuously as a structural timber in Australia for over 40 years.

As with all exposed timbers CCA treated pine must be painted or stained to prevent cracking, shrinkage, or twisting. With proper maintenance it can be expected to last for more than 30 years without significant rotting or termite damage. It comes in a 'microline' semi smooth finish ideal for a paint or stain finish and, it is ideally suited for all exposed or semi-exposed applications.

** Oregon

Is a popular timber that may be successfully used in the structural component of pergolas and decks that are protected from the element. However it is not recommended for use where there is long term exposure to weather due to its moderate durability characteristics.
(See durability chart.) THIS HAS BEEN REMOVE IN THE NEW TEXT

Wet Treated Pine

Kiln Dry Treated Pine
Very Good

Plantation Timber

Excellent Aussie timber, however the quality is now questionable due to a lot of sapwood present along the grain of the boards.

Excellent imported hardwood, deep red/brown in colour, a high quality timber.

Spotted Gum
Execellent Australian hardwood with a lot of colour variations.