Verandahs, We make custom verandahs to suit the style of your home!

When you need protection from the elements Mr Verandah can help. Expanding the living areas of your home with a verandah can be easy and very rewarding. Our experience in verandah shows that using the best package of design and materials to suit your existing homes style and character. Our ideas can improve the liveability and appearance of your house without spending a fortune. Making a verandah will add huge value to your house. Our builders will design a verandah to match the style of your home. Whether it's a simple skillion roof or a more elaborate pitched roof verandah, we will design it to be in tune with the style and features of your home. 

When building a verandah we use the latest Australian made colourbond and zincalume roofing to provide you with maximum protection and shade from the sun’s harmful UV rays, making your verandah roof cooler in the summer. Using polycarbonate roofing as well will let in light while still blocking harmful UV. Terracotta or concreate roof tiles can also be used.

Then we will work with your ideas and our plans to come up with your ultimate verandah design once we finalise plans and permits we will start building the verandah to match the style of your house.

Don't forget that Mr Verandah has over 30 years experience in veranda homes, designs, plans, building and can turn your ideas into reality and yes we organise the necessary permits. Just remember we can finish your verandah (veranda) using a wide range of period posts. See Timber and Decking, Woodwork finishes, Decking Handrails, Decking Stairs, Roofing Materials and Plans and Permits for more.

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